Top 20 September 26, 2015

TOP 20 MAY 24

Top 20 May 24

Every week the top 20 gets more interesting with artists who enter and others who are going down in positions. This week the top 20 In positions 19 and 20, Dido debuts with No Freedom and Skylar Gray with White Suburban. What do you think of this week’s top 20? Be careful this week in the Bonus track, at the end of this post, we have the new video of Shakira accompanied by some curious information about it, do not miss it.

Top 20 May 24 - 2014

Top 20 May 24 – 2014

This week’s number 1 coming from 2 is Hedley with Anything

Number 2 coming up from 4 is Pharrell Williams with Happy

Number 3 going down from 1 is koRn with Never Never

Number 4 coming up from 5 is Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida with Troublemaker

Number 5 coming up from 6 is Lorde with Tennis Court

Number 6 coming up from 7 is Alanis Morissette with Guardian

Hope you like the top 20 this week. as Bonus I leave you one of the songs (already talking about the manudialista fever) that made its debut this week and is already heard on all the stations. I mean Shakira and her “La la la”. By the way, this video is an alliance between Shakira and Activia, to support the school meal program in In some communities where hunger and poverty are at their worst, a WFP school meal is perhaps the only nutritious meal children receive every day, and it is a vital component in the fight against malnutrition and related diseases with hunger. It can also give families the freedom and wherewithal to send their children to school, which can translate into positive benefits for the future of children, their communities, and the economies of their entire countries.

This is the third consecutive time that the Colombian is part of the World Cup soundtrack, after ‘Hips don’t lie’ in 2006 and ‘Waka waka’ in 2010. Precisely, It was during the recording of the video clip for ‘Waka Waka’ that Shakira and Piqué met.


Woodkid is a French musician, filmmaker and graphic designer. Last month, Woodkid posted a promotional video for the video game Assiassins Creed: Revelations. We do not know if by chance, or by plagiarism this video has similarities to the video of the Colombian, such as horses, flags … among others. This is what the musician said on his Facebook account:

I would just smile and somehow be flattered if this was really a Shakira video and not a commercial for a mass group like Danone.

The comment is accompanied by a photo where you can check the similarity of the video clips.

similarities of the 2 videos