Top 20 September 26, 2015


Top 20 June 7

One more week is coming to an end, and here in our geek music count, things have moved quite a bit. Our first position is this week Lorde is Tennis Court, while at positions 19 and 20 as usual, 2 new artists arrive to fight for the top of the top. Also in the bonus track section today we have 2 songs that caught my attention this week. The first is Michael Jackson’s shocking video of Slave To The Rhythm and the second is a dedication we make to everyone graduating this weekend, hand in hand with Ellie Goulding.

Top 20 musical of June 7, 2014

Top 20 June 7, 2014

This week’s number 1 coming from 2 is Lorde with Tennis Court

This week’s number 2 down from 1 is Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida with Troublemaker

This week’s number 3 coming up from 5 is Die Antwoord with Baby’s on fire

This week’s number 4 rising from 6 is Kimbra with Two Way Street

This week’s number 5 rising from 9 is Victoria Justice with Gold

This week’s number 6 coming up from 10 is Keane with Higher Than The Sun

Number 7 this week going down from 3 is Hedley with Anything

Number 8 this week coming down from 4 is Alanis Morissette with Guardian

I hope you liked the top this week. As promised is a debt, today we have as a bonus the video of the presentation of Michael Jackson’s Slave To The Rhythm album during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards that took place recently. What is truly surprising about this presentation is that after his bustling death almost 5 years ago, the king of pop presented himself in the form of a hologram to the audience and danced as if he were really there. This technology left everyone with their mouths open because the presence of Michael Jackson and his movements were almost real. (see a behind the scenes of how this holographic presentation was made here).

Likewise, I did not want to miss this occasion to congratulate all those who this weekend are graduating or have finished another semester or year of study, wishing them many successes in their lives and future projects, so as Ellie Goulding says, anything can happen from now on, the world is yours if you want to.