Top 20 September 26, 2015


The week that passed was quite busy thanks to the Campus Party, which did not leave me much time to publish other topics, so, as promised is a debt, today I am publishing the top 20 weekly on Saturday, which as always is quite busy . This week enters our top Icona Pop, which for some time was very popular, and at number 1 comes Neon Jungle. As always, do not miss the Bonus Track of the week at the end, which is great.

Top 20 musical of July 04, 2014

Top 20 musical of July 4, 2014

This week’s No.1 rising from 2 is Neon Jungle with Braveheart

This week’s No.2 rising from 5 is Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore with Timber

This week’s number 3 down from 1 is Shakira and Rihanna with Can’t Remember to Forget You

This week’s No. 4 rising from No. 9 is Katy Perry and Juicy J with Dark Horse

This week’s number 5 coming up from 11 is U2 with Invisible

Number 6 this week coming down from 3 is Lorde with Tennis Court

Number 7 this week going down from 4 is Pitbull and Ke $ ha with Timber

This week’s number 8 coming down from 6 is Skylar Gray with White Suburban

This week’s number 9 coming up from 10 is Michael Bublé with Close Your Eyes

This week’s number 10 coming up from 12 is Cher Lloyd and TI with I Wish