Top 20 September 26, 2015

TOP 20 JULY 12

One more week is ending, and the World Cup that accompanied us this month is coming to an end. However, the weekly count of good music continues and this weekend we arrived with a new top 20. Today the number one position is conquered by Empire of the Sun with Standing On the Shore then it will come from position 2. As news in the top this edition are starring Paramore and Kylie Minogue. I hope you enjoy the videos in this top, and as always, don’t miss the Bonus Track at the end, which this week is spectacular.

Top 20 July 12, 2014

Top 20 musical of July 12, 2014

This week’s No. 1 rising from 2 is Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore with Timber

This week’s No. 2 down from 1 is Neon Jungle with Braveheart

This week’s No. 3 rising from No. 4 is Katy Perry and Juicy J with Dark Horse

This week’s number 4 coming up from 5 is U2 with Invisible

This week’s number 5 coming up from 9 is Michael Bublé with Close Your Eyes

This week’s number 6 coming up from 10 is Cher Lloyd and TI with I Wish

This week’s number 7 down from 3 is Shakira and Rihanna with Can’t Remember to Forget You

Number 8 this week coming up from 11 is Iggy Azalea with Fancy

This week’s number 9 coming up from 12 is Jesse McCartney with Superbad

The number 10 of this week rising from 15 is The Law with Forgetting

This week’s number 11 rising from 16 is Sophie Ellis-Bextor with Young Blood

Regarding the soccer World Cup that is now coming to an end, I leave you with this spectacular video by Kelly Rowland about a boy who lives in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and dreams like many of being a great soccer player, but is surrounded by the raw reality of the poverty that surrounds him. Sponsored by Pepsi, here is “the Game”.