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Toon Boom Storyboard available

Toon Boom Storyboard is the “standard” variant of the “Pro” product that was already available; an application for creating visual scripts aimed at users who want to create audiovisual projects and that allow creating reference scripts for artists, video creators, advertisers and video game developers who need to see the story line in visual format.

The software supports bitmap and vector-based files, allowing an unlimited number of shots and panels to be added to the storyboard, in which customizable text fields can be added and on which subsequent searches can be applied. Additionally, the program supports pressure-sensitive multilayer vector drawing tools (when used in combination with a Wacom graphics tablet), includes a library of image templates, and allows content to be exported to PDF using a series of predefined pages.

The Pro version, which is priced at $ 899, adds a variety of additional features, such as a motion and animation layer per camera, real-time storyboard playback, a view of the complete edit line, band import audio, the ability to transfer storyboards to video editing software, the ability to import and export multilayer Photoshop files, and more.

System requirements are Mac OS X 10.4 or later, a G5 processor or better, 512 MB of RAM, 110 MB of hard disk space, ATI or nVidia graphics card with 128 MB of RAM, and a monitor with a minimum resolution of 1,280 x 1,024 pixels.