Tigo How to get free megabytes Tigo Guatemala 2020Many users have written to us in recent times requesting a ...

Tigo How to get free megabytes Tigo Guatemala 2020Many users have written to us in recent times requesting a …

Many users have written to us in recent times asking for a very specific tutorial, in effect the one that will allow users to understand how to have free Internet Tigo Guatemala 2020, and it seems that a good number of them live in this country and have the same query. Indeed, we have to say that we are going to teach the respective step by step, which we can confirm that it is completely valid for all devices with Tigo SIM, even when we have a prepaid plan.

Beyond the fact that although as we said before in this particular case the article is titled as having free megabytes of Tigo Guatemala 2020, we did not want to fail to mention that it seems to be useful for users from other countries also when trying to get free Internet without balance. Some of the countries in which this step-by-step works in addition to Guatemala are the following: Colombia, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Bolivia. If you are not in any of them, also try, just in case.

Of course, and as always, before starting with the details, we have to say that there are some requirements to take into account in these cases. The first thing will be to have an Android device with SIM with version 4.0 or higher of the operating system developed by Google. In the second instance, we must have a 0 balance, since if we have it, it will be spent during the process. And in addition to that, we are going to need the VPN application that we will use to make the connection.

Free Internet Tigo Guatemala 2020

Once you have verified that you meet all the prerequisites, the following has to do with enter the code “* 10 #” in the call application of our Android device to try to check if we have a balance. In this link you get an application that informs you about the available balance. In Settings, Mobile networks, APNs or Access point names. You must verify that you have the default APN or factory of Tigo Guatemala. You have to install the YOGA VPN application at this link.

Once the last application is installed, you have to open it and press on the icon that says Go, so that a kind of paper plane will appear. Later you will see how a bar appears loading around the circle, with a text that says “Connecting”. When you have finished loading, you have to click on that text, and then the text “Connected Successfully”, which basically means that we should already be enjoying free Internet.

Of course, before finishing the tutorial, it is important that you verify that you have an Internet connection. For this, we recommend that you try opening a website that interests you or sending a message on WhatsApp to see if it bounces or if you actually have it at hand. Then, if it works, you can use the main mobile applications, among which are for example Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Youtube, Opera, Google Chrome and Twitter, to name a few.

Have you been able to connect to the Internet thanks to this step by step?