Erica Flores

This week’s Simpsons focus on League of Legends

League of Legends will be one of the focal points in Sunday’s episode The Simpsons. The crossover will give fans of the show a glimpse into the world of esports and PC gaming, while giving League fans who have expired Simpsons viewers a reason to tune in.

Whalen Rozelle, co-director of esports at Riot Games, says The edge that The Simpsons came last year to learn more about League e-sports, as executive producer of the series, regularly hosts for LeagueThe esports field on the way to work. “This episode was not sponsored in any way. They came to us organically to help consult the episode,” says Rozelle. “We work very closely with him. Simpsons team, reviewing the script and sharing comments on specific questions they had while devising for the episode. “

Rozelle says Riot had to give advice on what the characters would say, such as GG for “good game,” and share what League of Legends champions in the game are often like this. It also says that the company “did not establish any parameters around how League of Legends it could be represented and had no veto power. “You haven’t seen the final product yet:” We’ll be watching for the first time with everyone else. How huge Simpsons Fans, we are so excited to see what you come up with! “

As for itself League Fans might be angry if the show portrays gamers in a negative light, or adds to the stereotypes surrounding them, Rozelle says, “No, not at all.” While some people might have dated assumptions about what the stereotypical gamer looks like, we believe that the growing popularity of sports, streaming, and gaming culture has shown that gamers are an incredibly diverse community. The Simpsons It’s a satirical comedy, and our community understands it. “

Here’s a clip from the next episode here: