Apple sells more iPhones and iPads but falls in profits

They find a way to “come back to life” to hacked iPhones

Instructions are available from Monday on the iPhone Dev Wiki, a website specializing in modifying iPhone applications and tools.

Our colleagues at Macworld USA have followed these instructions and have been able to return an iPhone that was in a usable state after the updates, although without access to telephony functions and without being able to connect to a network.

Since the launch of the iPhone, many enthusiasts have been developing different ways to allow these devices to allow the use of unauthorized software and to unlock them so that they can be used over any mobile phone network. At the end of last week, however, Apple released a phone software update that directly targeted modified phones, rendering them unusable. Since that update, iPhone hackers have been working on techniques that reverse the effects of this update.

With these last instructions, the affected users can go back in the software update of their phones and reuse some functions of the phone such as the phone’s iPod and Wi-Fi connectivity, but at the moment this does not it necessarily allows the ability to make phone calls to be restored to them, particularly for those users who used the tool called “SIM unlock” on their phones. This means that hackers have not yet found a way to roll back the fixes used on the chip that manages the connectivity of the phone that is used to make calls.

Apple seems to have done a better job of encrypting the iPhone firmware this time around, so getting around it will be a much harder job this time around, said Tom Ferris, a security researcher who works at ” modification ”of the iPhone. Ferris also stated that “Right now everyone is working on the same front, getting into phone firmware,” “as Steve Jobs pointed out, this is the cat and mouse game.”