Erica Flores

These Chinese health workers have to wear wristband tracking …

China has a reputation for monitoring its citizens, and it feels as if various parts of the country are constantly discovering new ways to use gadgets for that purpose: RFID chips in cars, facial recognition sunglasses, and location-tracking uniforms for each. one of the students. Headlines in the last year. Now, you can add sanitation workers with GPS-equipped tracking armbands to the list.

On April 3, news came that sanitation workers in Nanjing, China’s Hexi District, were required to wear GPS tracking smart bracelets to not only monitor their location at all times, but also to audibly alert them if they stopped moving around. more than 20 minutes.

Publisher: Jiangsu City Canal

Just a day later, the South China tomorrow Public pressure had reportedly increased to the point where the local sanitation company decided to roll things back a bit, but only by removing the most annoying part of the system. Now, the bracelets will no longer say “please continue working” if a worker decides to stay in one place, but apparently they will track the workers in the same way.

The original video report from the Jiangsu City Channel that allegedly revealed this (here, but Weibo login is required) shows that workers are being tracked like pins on a map. Publisher: Jiangsu City Canal

It is not clear if that result will be enough to satisfy the public, but I suppose it depends on how the news is presented to them. Strangely, the The South China Morning Post the headlines read “Workers Released From Surveillance After Protest” and “Chinese Workers Released From Big Brother-Style Surveillance After Public Stink,” neither of which aligns with the facts of their own history.