Maria Montero

The Twitter bug makes it look like on your line …

A Twitter number Users have complained that tweets that were retweeted by unfollowers now show up on their timeline. The problem, thankfully, is not related to a new Twitter algorithm or recommendation system, as some feared. Instead, the company confirmed that a bug affecting Android users was mislabeling the “social proof” tag in retweets.

This is the part of the Retweet that tells you who, among the people you already know do I continued, I had retweeted the post in question.

The company says the social proof tag is wrong, which is why Android users saw tweets that appeared to have been retweeted by someone they don’t know.

Above: some example complaints.

Twitter says the retweets that appeared were actually tweeted by someone, people did I knew it, but their social proof label was wrong, which made them seem out of place. Your engineers are aware of the problem and are working to fix it now. The bug has been active for a few days, Twitter also confirmed.

The company’s @TwitterSupport account had not yet responded to people asking about this issue, which could have led to some user confusion.

After all, Twitter has been known to put what some consider strange information on the timeline, such as posts that show when many people you follow have followed another Twitter user, or posts that tell you that multiple people have. shared the same link. for example. But even in those cases, that was an activity within the network, not like putting random retweets on your main feed.

Until the bug is fixed, Twitter users who don’t like content in seemingly random retweets can tap the down arrow on the right side of the tweet to tell Twitter that they want to see less content like this.