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The Third Eye Evolution, Rip Curl camera for athletes

This recording system consists of a 4-layer thermal foam goggle, spherical double-vented lenses and three silicone clips inside the tape, a Sony micro camera and a digital recorder.

The microcamera uses a Sony sensor with a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels, has an aluminum body, is waterproof to 1 meter, its battery offers up to 8 hours of autonomy and weighs only 60 grams. While the digital recorder has a color LCD screen and stores the recordings using 1 to 4 GB SD cards, allowing you to record 70 to 280 minutes of video. At the same time, it has a line input and output and a 1100 mAh rechargeable lithium battery of which the manufacturer has not revealed its autonomy.

This system for athletes, The Third Eye Evolution, has USB connectivity to connect it to the Mac, remote control and has a recommended price of 699 EUR.

Web: www.ripcurl.com.