Apple sells more iPhones and iPads but falls in profits

The success of the iPhone and iTunes sales

The figures of iPhones sold since it went on sale have sold an average of 20,000 iPhones per day. Figures have also been given for the smartphone market where Apple achieves 19 percent of the market, compared to 39% for RIM (blackberry), although these data are from the North American market (data from Gartner). The rest of manufacturers such as Palm, Motorola, and Nokia obtain less than 10 percent of the market.

Pending the new revision of the iPhone, it has been confirmed again that the SDK for the iPhone will be launched in February and new functionalities as software: new interface for maps, webclips, sending SMS to multiple recipients, personalization of the main page, as well as chapters in the videos, subtitles and lyrics for the songs.

For its part, the data revealed by iTunes, say that 4,000 million songs have already been sold through Apple’s online music service (just on December 25, the same day that more songs were sold, 20 million) . In total, 125 million series chapters and 7 million films have been sold.

The movie rental service that will be available in February, with 1,000 films, has also been shown in operation. Movies released on DVD will be available on this system 30 days after their DVD release. Prices vary depending on the title but will range from $ 3.99 for the most recent releases to $ 2.99 for the general catalog. (iTunes 7.6 will be mandatory for this service).

At the moment the films are only for the United States and for the rest of the world throughout this year. What is available is the new version of iTunes, 7.6.