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The sneaky data from iPod touch

However, the price difference between the iPod touch and the iPhone (in its 8 GB versions) is only $ 100 in the American market, something that is at least shocking if we consider that the iPod touch the camera, bluetooth features and also a good number of applications that do come standard with the iPhone have been dispensed with.

However, and in this sense, the gaps that remain on the iPod touch screen suggest that it will not take long to see how new applications will appear, either by Apple or perhaps by third parties (through iTunes , for example), as has happened so far with games.

Games is precisely a topic that Steve Jobs has managed to slide very conveniently during the presentation of the new iPod range, and while it has been emphasized that the new iPod nano and iPod classic will include three standard games, in the case of the iPod touch the same comment was not made. And, as Erik Stannow, Product Marketing Director of Apple Europe, has confirmed during the press conference in Spain, current games are incompatible with the iPod touch (in the same way that they are also incompatible with the iPhone, since both products share the same “OS X”). Therefore, logic leads us to suppose that sooner or later games of greater power and quality will appear for a device whose screen and interface are also more suitable for this type of content.

Regarding the question about whether it seems reasonable for Apple to progressively update the iPod touch screen with new applications, Erik Stannow’s answer in this regard was that the iPod touch, like the iPhone, supports third-party applications that are web-based.

The Director of Product Marketing of Apple Europe has also been able to confirm some interesting questions, such as the fact that contacts and calendars can be edited on the iPod touch itself using the on-screen keyboard, and later synchronized with the contents of our iMac via iTunes. What we won’t see, however, on iPod touch is the ability to sync or create notes.

On the other hand, the wireless capabilities of the iPod touch will not allow us to use this way to synchronize with the Mac, or to exchange contact cards or calendar events wirelessly with other iPod touch users. Additionally, there is also no official figure on battery life when using the iPod touch with Wi-Fi activated, since as Erik Stannow has indicated, this depends on the type of use and other variables such as the distance to the point. wireless reception.

Another limitation present in the iPhone and that has been inherited in the new iPod touch is that we will not be able to use them in Hard Disk mode; which means that the only way to copy or transfer information and files from our Mac to the iPod and vice versa is limited to the one that can be managed through iTunes.