The sirirí route - Cali biological corridor

The sirirí route – Cali biological corridor

The Sirirí route is a biological corridor made up of at least 9 main parks in the city of Cali, where we can enjoy the nature and local fauna of the area in the middle of the city. The runner owes its name to the yellow-breasted bird known locally as sirirí. (As a curious fact, in Cali slang, someone is told that he is a Sirirí when he is very restless) I recently came across these parks, which by the way I knew some of them for a long time, and when I found out that they are all connected In a large biological corridor in the city, I have set out to meet them and show everything they have to offer the visitor, and document their natural beauty.

Main parks of the corridor

Main parks of the corridor

The main parks of the corridor are:

Below you can see the location of the parks on the map of Cali. I hope to be visiting you little by little in the next few weeks, and showing you how they are.

Google map of the rura del Sirirí See biological corridor in a larger map

Source: Blue Planet Foundation