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The Redline racing game has a simulation mode

Redline is a 3-D driving game that lets you control different cars on different circuits. It offers all types of cars from compact to “Truck Monsters” through sports and exotic cars. It allows network play and as you progress, new vehicles and much more are unlocked.

Version 1.0.3 is offers a “strict simulation” mode that makes sure that players do not damage cars when hitting the elements of the scenes; the possibility of reincorporating players to the circuit when they find themselves on the wrong path; improvements in multiplayer game; alphabetical organization of cars; and fix for some minor bugs, as well as various improvements.

Ambrosia Software recommends the update to all Redline users, this revision of the program does not allow network games with users who have not applied the update. For its correct operation it needs Mac OS X v10.2 or any higher version. It is a Universal binary application.