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The iPod sells itself, but Apple laptops don’t

In February 2007 Apple does not appear in the category of laptops, note that in January Apple occupied the fifth place with 10.1 percent of the market. HP remains in the first place with 28.5 percent, Toshiba in the second with 22 percent, Compaq has 10.3 percent, Gateway accounts for 9.3 percent and finally Lenovo collects 7.7 percent.

When it comes to the market for portable MP3 players, Apple is the top seller with 72.3 percent in the US in February. In second place is Sandisk with 9.7 percent, Creative Labs has 2.7 percent, Samsung 2.5 percent, and finally Microsoft’s Zune ranks fifth, also with 2.5 percent of market.

In January 2007 Apple had 72.7 percent of the MP3 player market, Sandisk was second with 8.9 percent, Microsoft had 3.2 percent, Creative Labs 2.9 percent, and 2 percent was for Samsung.