iphone 6s review

The iPhone will require an iTunes ID

Apple has sent messages to users in the United States who once subscribed to receive information about the iPhone when it was finally available. The message displays a number of product features and advises potential customers of the need to open an iTunes account.

A wave of information in the US is wondering why this requirement on the ID, although taking into account the growing importance that the iTunes application is acquiring when it comes to managing other series of content beyond the mere music, everything suggests that it will revolve around the fact that many users will want to play the music acquired through iTunes on the phone, similar to the content authorization process that is already carried out with the Apple TV device.

It is also possible that Apple wants to ensure a certain level of security for user data, the contact list, images and other series of information that must be transported on the iPhone, and that is synchronized to said device from iTunes.

Some reports predict that the requirement for an iTunes account may cause some problems when the first wave of iPhone users want to buy their phones, as AT&T employees may not be aware of the requirement. Therefore, they foresee some problems related to the initial configuration of the device.

The information also offers some details about the operation of the iPhone as published in iLounge

This information confirms that the device will be able to carry the contact information from the Calendar, Entourage, Outlook, Outlook Express or the Yahoo! Calendar, as well as synchronize the notices of appointments and events from iCal, Entourage and Outlook. Users can also directly enter contact information.