iphone 6s plus review

The iPhone will be available on June 29

IPhone combines the features of an iPod music and video player with those of a mobile phone, and will be available in the United States through AT&T Wireless Services.

AT&T, which acquired Cingular Wireless, has not yet announced details on how the phones will be sold, although it seems quite likely that it will be done through distribution chains.

There are two models available; one with a capacity of 4 GB of memory and which will have a price in the American country of $ 499, and a second with double the memory and which will be priced at $ 599.

In addition to a 3.5-inch screen, the phone will include a 2-megapixel camera, audio jacks and an iPod dock.

The first iPhone model will be quad-band GSM, which means that it should work in the main countries of the world, with the exception of Japan and South Korea. It will also support data transmission via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and EDGE.

Behind the elegant interface of the iPhone is the Mac OS X operating system. Apple previously indicated that third parties could not write applications and load them on the phone, although the latest statements by Jobs indicate that they are working in some way that allows developers to access the phone.

Web: www.apple.es