iphone 6s plus review

The iPhone will arrive in the United Kingdom in November from the hand of the operator O2

To the price of the phone, users must add a monthly payment of between 35 and 55 pounds per month that will allow them unlimited data traffic, so they will only have to pay for their calls and messages, in a contract that binds them for 18 months with the operator. The word “unlimited” however, has a limit of 14,000 web pages per day, which is more than enough for any user.

No 3G for energy consumption reasons

In his presentation of the iPhone in the United Kingdom, Jobs answered questions about the 3G capabilities (or rather its absence) of the phone by explaining that to maintain a good balance between web browsing and energy efficiency, they found the best combination use EDGE and Wi-Fi.

On the other hand, on the development of applications by third parties, he insisted that, for the moment, they prefer to maintain current possibilities through web technologies to preserve the phone from attacks or instabilities that may arise from system-level applications. In this regard he has declared: “people are much more permissive with a personal computer than with a telephone.”