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The iPhone is updated to version 1.1.2

The 1.1.2 update is the first international release of iPhone software, available from the moment the iPhone began to be sold in Europe, so one of the most significant changes to the software is International support in the area. of settings. It is now possible to set regional formats for date, time and phone numbers.

Other changes include the ability to display the phone’s battery charge in iTunes, a new “Custom” section for ringtones, and other minor changes.

For would-be iPhone hackers, it is worth noting that Apple has patched the Safari TIFF exploit that could be used to “uncage” the iPhone in version 1.1.1 (that is, used to unlock it and install non-third-party applications). authorized by Apple). However, various sources have already indicated that version 1.1.2 has also been unlocked.