iPhone line up

The iPhone, disabled by software

George Hotz has posted on his blog a step-by-step tutorial for unlocking the iPhone using hardware and software based modifications. His blog also includes photos of an iPhone that he says has been unlocked and shows T-Mobile (US) as the service provider. On another website, iPhoneSimFree.com, a company indicates that it can unlock the iPhone using only software.

Additionally, John McLaughlin, founder of Uniquephones, has indicated that his company (based in Belfast, United Kingdom), will publish software that users can download to unlock their terminals so that they can work with any SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) on any network of your choice. The software can be obtained from www.iphoneunlocking.com; site that so far has already received 450,000 registrations according to McLaughlin himself.

McLaughlin plans to charge $ 25 to $ 50 for the software, although registered users will have access to the code that gives them a 25 to 50 percent discount.

In iPhoneSimFree.com it is indicated that this week will begin with the sale of licenses by unit of the unlocking software. The company will also accept volume requests for 500 or more licenses.

Hotz has not put his technique up for sale, but he is auctioning on eBay the one that indicates that it is the second iPhone unlocked in the world.