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The Haunted Island – A Frog Detective Game is a …

It can be difficult to find time to finish a video game, especially if you only have a few hours a week to play. In our fortnightly column. Short game We suggest video games that can be started and finished in a weekend.

Enchanted Island: A Frog Detective Game is a first-person adventure set in a strange world of penguin supervisors, ghost scientists, the importance of daily dental care, and improvised explosives made from pasta. Suffice to say, this game is completely ridiculous. It has an aesthetic and concise writing style that feels like a cross between Adventure time and the work of Keita Takahashi (creator of Katamari damacy Y Noby Noby Boy).

You play as the titular frog, called The Detective, who has been assigned a case by his penguin supervisor, called the Supervisor, involving a ghost reported on an isolated tropical island. A group of ghost scientists have spent the past two weeks trying to discover the source of the obsession, but to no avail, so they have asked the best detective to help them. Unfortunately, that detective was busy, so the frog detective understood the case

Once on the island, you are free to explore it however you want. This mainly involves talking to the motley crew of ghost scientists and the island’s owner and sole resident, Martin. Through these conversations, you start to… well, not really piece together what’s going on. Rather, they present you with commercial puzzles, which get incredibly rare. An example: someone might want a banana in exchange for a piece of string they need. So you find a rock that you can trade with someone for the banana so you can get the rope. These exchanges will eventually lead to him solving the case.

But puzzles aren’t really the point of the game, and neither is solving the case. They’re just an excuse to interact with these characters and this world that are off-center enough to be fun. There is a colloquial cuteness in the game’s writing that is used to great comic effect in a way reminiscent of shows like Adventure time wave Regular show. The concise and very casual nature of the conversation is often used in contrast to the tone of the scene or what is being said.

A great example of this is in The haunted islandThe opening where the Detective receives a call from the Supervisor. A slow, quiet drum beat and a sparse piano set the scene, producing a very serious vibe. But what you get instead is a goofy-looking frog swaying slightly while holding a telephone receiver to its face, and a penguin in a vest and sweater-like tie that precedes the case description: “It’s a very creepy one. so wait. ” tight.”

Grace bruxner

The way The haunted island Playing to your expectations with these contrasts is what makes playing fun. It’s a detective game, but you don’t actually do any detective work. There is a deep black tone of voice, but everything is brightly colored, the characters have rounded features, and they speak to each other happily. There is absurd logic to everything, and seeing how it all connects is what keeps you playing.

Enchanted Island: A Frog Detective Game It was created by Grace Bruxner. You can get it in Steam or for $ 4.99 (Windows and Mac OS). It takes about an hour to finish.