Maria Montero

The hackers were not detected on the internal network of …

The hackers gained access to the networks of tech giant Citrix six months before they were discovered, the company confirmed.

In a letter to the California attorney general, the virtualization and security software maker said hackers had “intermittent access” to its internal network from October 13, 2018 to March 8, 2019, two days after that the FBI alerted the company of the breach.

Citrix said the hackers “removed files from our systems, which may have included files containing information about our current and former employees and, in limited cases, information about beneficiaries and / or dependents.”

Initially, the company said that hackers stole business documents. You are now saying that the stolen information may have included names, Social Security numbers, and financial information.

Citrix said in a subsequent update on April 4 that the attack was likely the result of password enforcement, which attackers use to breach accounts by grossly forcing a list of commonly used passwords that are not protected with two-way authentication. factors.

We asked Citrix how many staff members received data breach notification letters, but a spokesperson did not immediately comment.

Under California law, authorities must be informed of a breach if more than 500 state residents are involved.

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