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Mumbai startup Emotix, founded by three former IITians, has unveiled Miko 2, India’s first outpost ‘personal robot‘ for children.

Famous like Soha Ali Khan, psychologist Mona Gajre, IIT-B Emeritus Professor C Amarnath and NASSCOM President Debjani Ghosh and other personalities were present at the launch.

the Wifi-operated robot, costing Rs 24,999, will be available from December 15th and will assist parents in early education and child development by participating in ‘playful learning’.

“The robot can initiate and hold long conversations with children, impart academic and general knowledge. It is powered by a proprietary emotional intelligence engine developed by Emix, which allows the robot to identify and remember the child’s moods and adapt to it” . said co-founder and CEO Sneh Rajkumar Vaswani.

The Miko 2 encompasses a major makeover of its inaugural product, Miko launched last year, and the new robot series can see, hear, feel, express, speak, recognize faces, remember names, feel moods, initiate conversations. and learn from them. Own environment to develop a bond with the child.

Miko 2 comes with a new HD camera for face recognition, listens through active noise-canceling microphones, and has edge sensors to prevent it from slipping off edges like tables or stairs, among other fancy features.

The Miko was created by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, mathematicians, artists and neuropsychologists and elicited a huge response from parents, prompting Emix to venture into the global space of personal robotics for education, healthcare, entertainment and advocacy, Vaswani said. .

The Miko 2 incorporates games, riddles, fun facts, rhymes, music, dance and also allows third-party content players to publish their content, which includes the ICSE, Storywalker and Loving Chitra Katha stories.

In addition, parents can make a video call on “wheels” through Miko from anywhere in the world, and a parent control panel to help them track and guide the child’s interaction with the robot.

“Our goal is to create machines with human patterns and blur the distinction between physical, digital and biological walls to solve serious consumer problems. Miko 2 is an affirmation of our commitment to making learning powerful, fun and simple,” he said Vaswani.

An advanced robotics company, emotix was founded in 2015 by Vaswani, Prashant V Iyengar, and Chintan S Raikar, all alumni of IIT-Bombay.

Now, emotix plans to bring its platform solutions to every household in the world, with a vision of reaching 20 million households by 2023.