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The Colossi of Head-to-Head Photography and Everything to Create Music Anywhere at Macworld April 2007

Aperture and Lightroom, finally face to face

If you are fond of photography, surely you were wanting to see, face to face, the two applications that are emerging as the main contenders when it comes to winning the hearts of professional photographers or advanced users who want to improve their workflows.

From FreeHand to Illustrator and all about the new Creative Suite

In the current sections we offer you an extensive review of all the new features of the Adobe Creative Suite, including the new versions of Photoshop with 3-D support and for video, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash … Without forgetting the return of Premiere Pro and all other Adobe video applications. In addition, in our practical sections we offer you an extensive tutorial so that you know everything you need to easily switch from FreeHand to Illustrator.

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Contents Macworld 168, April 2007

Musicians: Highway and Mac

By Daniel de Blas

Sometimes the inspiration for creating music comes away from your home recording studio. In this article, we show you the best portable sound interfaces, as well as tips and additional software that will allow you to continue composing music with your Mac and your instruments wherever you travel (or at your next concert).

Extend GarageBand

By Fernando García

Loops, virtual instruments and other resources to extend GarageBand to the maximum.

Aperture vs. Lightroom

By Javier Rodríguez

We compare in detail the two giants of Adobe and Apple that seek to win the hearts of professional photographers.

Vector Migration

By Pedro Arconada

We show you the main keys that will facilitate the change from FreeHand to Illustrator.

Photoshop helps you decide

By Pablo Blasberg

We show you “alternative” uses of Photoshop for tasks that go beyond photographic retouching, so that you can see the results of applying an aesthetic change to products, people or structures without regretting it later.

Remove color casts

By Derrick Story

Practical article in which you will learn the secrets to eliminate once and for all the annoying color casts in your photographic portraits.