Erica Flores

The Bordeaux Apple store was vandalized …

The Apple store in Bordeaux, France, was robbed and damaged Saturday night by “yellow vest” protesters during the massive riots in the streets, as reported by ABC News. This is the third week of the gIlets Jaunes (yellow vests) have taken to the streets of Paris, as part of a mobilization that began as a reaction against a hike in the country’s gasoline tax. The tax was recently lowered, but protests have continued as the movement has now shifted to encompass frustrations over pensions, the minimum wage and more.

ABC says that around 125,000 people took part in Saturday night’s protest across France. In Bordeaux, protesters smashed Apple store windows and rushed to grab produce from tables. Several videos have been shared on Twitter, showing looters slamming into the store’s fractured glass panes and running to quickly capture laptops, iPads and more.

BBC news reports that more than 1,200 were detained on Saturday night across the country. Locally, France Bleu says that two of those arrested are in direct connection to the Apple store incident, who apparently wearing puffy hoodies and jackets did not help, and that they will appear in Bordeaux criminal court today. On Sunday morning, the Bordeaux Apple store was temporarily closed with barricaded doors and windows. The extent of the damage is unknown, but France Bleu Reports that many other stores in the city center were also looted. In a speech delivered today, French President Emmanuel Macron promised an increase in the minimum wage along with tax concessions in efforts to quell the anger of protesters.