The biggest selfie in the world

The biggest selfie in the world

In recent months there is a term on the network that has taken a lot of strength, it is about the famous selfies (or as you would say in Spanish “selfies“) I think there is no one today who has not seen one of these or has taken one.

The funny thing about it is that last week, NASA in commemoration of Earth Day, launched a campaign with a simple question, where are you right now? NASA asked people all over the planet to answer this simple question on social media by taking a selfie. NASA’s goal was to use each of these photos as a pixel of a gigantic global selfie, a mosaic of photos that seen from afar gives the image of planet earth.

biggest selfie in the world

that’s how you start to see the selfie

selfie colombia

These are some of the photos of Colombia

See the biggest selfie in the world here

On April 22, NASA released this huge selfie that is made up of 36,422 individual photos of people from all continents. The resulting huge photo has the amazing dimensions of 3.2 Gigapixels, and it can be seen from the NASA page using a Zoom system very similar to that of google earth maps, in such a way that you start with an image of the earth, and you can zoom towards each country until you see the individual faces of the thousands upon thousands of selfies that were used for this curious mosaic. The original photos of the earth were taken with the Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership (or NPP) satellite.

The software that stores this photo is provided by Gigapan, an Internet site where you can find photos of colossal scales that have been taken with special cameras that can join thousands of photos to create a larger one, such as a shot of a sunset or a shot of a city from a viewpoint, being able to zoom in and see the most minute details of the city.

Some photos of epic proportions

  • Look at a 1.4 Gigapixel photo of Barack Obama’s inaugural address, zooming in on the faces of the thousands and thousands of attendees here.
  • Look at a 10.2 Gigapixel photo of the city of Alicante in Spain here.
  • Look at a 10.4 Gigapixel photo of Pittsburgh in the USA here.
  • See a 2.5 Gigapixel photo of a match at the centenario stadium in Argentina here