Sebastian Jimenez

The best sex positions for LAZY people, and probably already …

As temperatures drop across the UK, you’ll probably start to spend more time wrapped in a duvet and feel quite lazy.

While you might think this lethargy would keep you from getting frisky, thankfully there are several sexual positions that require little energy to master.

Speaking to Fatherly, Mackenzie Riel, a sex educator at TooTimid, has revealed six sex positions for lazy people.

And the good news is that although these positions are generally less active, they are still just as fun!

1. Flat missionary

It was recently voted the UK’s favorite sex position, and it seems Missionary is great for those who aren’t feeling too active too.

The position allows both partners to be horizontal and allows kissing during sex.

2. Sex spoon

It’s a classic cuddling position, and it turns out that spooning can be a fun way to have sex too.

They both lie on their sides, facing the same direction, with the man behind the woman.

Ms. Riel explains: “He’s basically a puppy, but without the flex and strain on his back, or hers.

“You can control the speed and depth of the action, plus it provides the perfect angle to hit your G-spot.”

3. Straddle Saddle

If you and your partner love a good Netflix session and relaxation, this might be the perfect position for you.

It is true that the man has the much easier option here, and he just sits on the couch.

Meanwhile, the woman straddles the man and goes to work.

Ms. Riel said, “This is a great option if you are Netflix and are chilling and wanting to goof around.”

4. Overboard

Like the Straddle Saddle, the Overboard is also based on a sofa.