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The Adobe Live 2007 conference also triumphs in Madrid

The event was boosted by the recent launch of Creative Suite 3 and with the announcement just a few days ago of the Spanish versions of Adobe applications.

The opening conference of the event was led by Peter Isaacson, the company’s vice president of marketing, who managed to fill the auditorium with still long lines at the registration and access windows to the event. In his presentation he reviewed the almost 25 years of the company and placed special emphasis on highlighting some of its technologies that have been very relevant in the world of design, such as Postcript. However, the argumentative basis of his conference was current and future trends in creation, supply and reproduction.

Isaacson also took the opportunity to announce that Adobe is going to celebrate next October, and for the first time in Europe, another of the most important events for the company, it is Adobe MAX, a congress especially aimed at Flash developers.

As Adobe officials explained to us, they already had about 4,500 pre-registrations to the event and their first estimate indicated more than 2,500 people, who were able to freely attend the 30 sessions that were being held in a total of 5 rooms, which covered topics of the more varied: From how Adobe CS3 works on May OS X Tiger, different tricks and tools to get more out of the various applications that Adobe or the joint work of Intel and Adobe, among others.

Nikodemo and electronic Cálico sweep

Among the most attended sessions are those related to the management of the applications of the CS3 suite and the one offered by Nikodemo animation the creators of the popular Flash series called “Cálico Electrónico”, who with their casual tone filled their room, encouraging attendees to have to settle in the corridors of it.

In addition to Adobe, the event featured numerous collaborating companies that had a space in which to display their solutions and products. These contributors included Apple, which set up a 20-inch iMac classroom to showcase CS3 running alongside Mac OS X; HP that showed its solutions of impressesion of great format, identical case to the one of Xerox; Eizo and LaCie, with a representation of their calibrable 12-bit gamut monitors; Wacom, range of graphics tablets and monitor; Fotostil, the first ASE of professional photography; the distributors K-Tuin and Compolaser; MGV, dedicated to professional solutions for digital prepress and color management, etc. Of course Macworld was the event with a booth in which subscription promotions were carried out on the occasion of the event.

Companies dedicated to specialized training were also present, such as the Crea school, or the Tajamar graphic arts institute, which showed as a curiosity a version of Don Quixote printed in a single sheet.

In Macworld in Video you can already see the first two videos of Adobe Live 2007, corresponding to the opening conference and the exhibitors area with the Apple classroom. In the next few days we will offer you full coverage of the event including interviews with Peter Isaacson, Global Head of Field Marketing at Adobe, Niko and Raúl, from Nikodemo Animation and many other participants in Adobe Live 2007.