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Tencent India offers to start talks with police after the …

A few days after the Rajkot police. arrested 10 people to play PUBG Mobile, a concerned Tencent India finally spoke on the matter, suggesting that the company intends to enter into talks with Gujarat law enforcement authorities to lift the ban on gambling.

Tencent India, which expects the problem to become a much more serious situation over time, issued a statement following the arrest of eight more people in Gujarat for playing the game.

PUBG Mobile is playing on Android smartphone. Image: tech2 / Omkar

While law enforcement authorities have yet to confirm that they have entered into talks with Tencent on the matter, the statement suggests that the issue might not escalate to a blanket ban at the national level. PUBG in the country. While there have been multiple case studies and reports suggesting that playing aggressive FPS shooters has no link to aggression in real life, most parents remain concerned about how addiction to a game might harm children who prepare for critical exams.

Here is the statement issued by Tencent in response to the arrests in Gujarat.

“PUBG Mobile is a game. It is intended for entertainment only and should be enjoyed in a healthy and responsible manner. In line with our effort to continue promoting the responsible gaming experience, we are working on introducing a healthy gaming system in the India to promote balanced and responsible play, including limiting playing time for underage players.

Therefore, we were surprised to learn that local authorities in some cities have decided to impose a ban on playing our game. We are working to understand the legal basis for such bans, and we hope that we can have a constructive dialogue with the relevant authorities to explain our objectives and that they lift the ban. For PUBG Mobile players, we want to assure you that we are on your side and will do our best to find a reasonable solution. “

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