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Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg rocks in …

From being a regular schoolgirl a year and a half ago to being on the cover of TIME Magazine This week, 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg has the world’s attention. The title of the story reads: “Now I am speaking to everyone.” Thunberg’s portrait for the cover was taken somewhere special – the Swedish Parliament in Stockholm, where Thunberg’s journey as an activist began. I was also right in the middle of a #FridaysForFuture school strike in April, according to TIME.

Greta became a prominent figure online when she started skipping school every Friday to protest climate inaction outside the Swedish Parliament. She had banners calling for people to see and act urgently when it came to climate action. What started as a solitary endurance exercise has now grown into a legitimate movement involving thousands of students in 112 countries.

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Greta Thunberg looks powerful on the cover of TIME magazine Edition of May 27. Image credit: Hellen van Meene / TIME.

Today, #FridaysForFuture is a seminal movement led by teens, not just in Sweden but around the world to hold governments and corporations accountable and act urgently to dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

For his portrait that the TIME On the cover of the magazine, Thunberg wore a green dress that made her look very different from what we are used to seeing her: sweatshirts, jeans and tracksuits.

For world-renowned photographer Hellen van Meene, who took the picture, the choice of color has a deeper meaning. With the concrete arch in the background, the green of Thunberg symbolizes life, in his opinion.

“The darkness of the corridor is what we’ll end up with if we don’t pay attention to what Greta tells us,” van Meene said in a TIME report. “We shouldn’t see Greta as a pretty young woman, she’s a serious girl with a serious message … don’t be fooled by her age, listen to what she wants to warn us about. She and her generation will have to pay the price, and that is why we must act, “he added.

Greta Thunberg in a new light on the cover of the May 27 issue of TIME magazine.  Image: TIME

We got to see Greta Thunberg in a new light on the cover of TIME MagazineEdition of May 27. Image credit: Hellen van Meene / TIME.

Thunberg is not alone one of Times Top 100 most influential this year. She is also one of the four ‘Next Generation Leaders’ chosen by TIME and Rolex in a biannual selection of rising stars in politics, technology, culture, science, sports and business.

In the past, winners have gone on to lead countries, win Golden Globes and take home Olympic medals, the declaration He says.

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