Maria Montero

Take a look at the future of media and entertainment …

Where does the technology end and the media begin? Finding the dividing line can be difficult, particularly as tech companies move into the media business, and as Hollywood blockbusters are increasingly being created on computers.

So even though TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF event (taking place next week!) Is ostensibly a tech conference, we will have plenty of big names from the world of media and entertainment on stage to discuss the changing landscape.

On Day One, those names include Joseph Gordon Levitt, whom you might know as an actor in movies like “Inception” and “500 Days of Summer,” but who also founded the creative collaboration platform HitRecord, which grossed a Series A of $ 6.4 million before. this year.

We will also be joined by actor Will Smith and director Ang Lee to discuss their new film “Gemini Man,” in which Lee used state-of-the-art computer effects to create a younger version of his star.

From the tech industry, we’ll have Neal Mohan, YouTube Product Manager, who can discuss current video platform challenges and how YouTube can balance its commitment to openness with mounting pressure to combat hate speech and disinformation.

And while 5G is probably the main focus of our interview with Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg and Verizon Media CEO Guru Gowrappan, here at TechCrunch (which is owned by Verizon Media) we are certainly interested in hearing about the company’s digital media plans.

In the meantime, if you’re more interested in the nitty-gritty of developing a media strategy, we’ll have a panel on that topic in our Extra Crunch stage, with speakers including Cindy Gallop from MakeLoveNotPorn and Brooke Hammerling from Brew PR.

Then on the second day, we will turn our attention to one of the fastest growing media categories, esports. 100 Thieves is a huge player in this space, combining competitive streaming content, esports and apparel, and we’ll be talking to company founder Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag (a professional gamer), along with co-owner Scooter Braun (who also manages Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande).

Our Extra Crunch programming for that day will also include a session on the future of digital media, which will be sponsored by publisher engagement company

Finally, on the third day, we will be joined by YouTube star and “Queen of Shitty Robots” Simone Giertz. While the conversation is likely to focus on his latest robotics and hardware creations (including his crowdfunded daily calendar), Giertz is a remarkable case study in how someone can build a huge following and business on digital media platforms.

We will also have an Extra Crunch session on brand building – Brooke Hammerling will share more of her knowledge, and will be joined by Bumble VP of Marketing Chelsea Cain Maclin and Character Co-Founder / Creative Director Ben Pham.

Disrupt SF will take place October 2-4 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Browse the full agenda and buy your tickets.