Maria Montero

Take a look at an empty Steve Jobs Theater before the …

What are you doing this afternoon? If your answer is something like “watch the live stream of an empty Steve Jobs Theater,” I’m honestly not sure what you call yourself an Apple fanatic.

A day before the company’s event in Cupertino, Apple aired a video of what appears to be an empty theater, bathed in darkness, with some swirling psychedelic designs playing on the big screen. It’s almost certainly an attempt to spark more interest in one day, as fans are quick to find out if someone accidentally left the feed running after morning rehearsals.

Most likely what we are looking at is a composite mockup, CG, or a pre-recorded video of the space. There’s even the occasional odd window on the big screen. Apple is known to have fun at our expense just before the big event. Call it a funny joke or a good-natured trolling, but the company certainly turned heads. Not that it is needed.

Apple is expected to launch a number of new products tomorrow, including a Netflix competitor, news offering and game service. A credit card is even rumored to be in the works.