Super Mario Run How to play all the worlds in Super Mario RunSuper Mario Run is now available for all android devices …

Super Mario Run now It is available for all android devices. The truth is that this game is quite entertaining and has very good graphics, It can be downloaded for free, however many of us have had too many problems playing the world 2,3,4,5,6, since a pop-up message appears saying that the game must be purchased to be able to play without any restrictions, something that it really does not surprise nintendo with this selfish, and greedy attitude, however here We will tell you how to play all the worlds in Super Mario Run.

Play all the worlds in Super Mario Run

Many of us have Played Mario Run we have not been able to follow world 2, much less others since when trying to advance a pop-up window appears saying that if you want to play the other world and the following it is necessary to make a purchase of the game something that seems pathetic and absurd to us since if the game would be limited to offer a test.

This means that only world 1 of super mario run is free, so if we want to play the other worlds it is necessary to make a purchase of the game, something that has neither head nor tail, we from here make ourselves feel very annoyed with this decision. , However, users have had to play the same stages of level 1 over and over again, but all have chosen to play the races for which there are no restrictions, only having the internet and they are played online, the truth is a respite for all of us who have the application and know what this roll is about.

How to play in World 2 of Super Mario Run

Several users have reported that they have achieved the other worlds without paying but for this it is necessary comply with all the currencies that is pink, purple and green, otherwise we will not be able to play unless we buy the game.

Hopefully with a new update of this game we can play many more levels without problems, since this would give us much more motivation and encourage us to buy the game since 4 levels is not enough to know if the game is good or not.

To this we can only add that the fastest option is to play excellently to get the coins and so you can play all worlds in super mario run and enjoy this wonderful game for free and without any problem.