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Sun CEO Reveals Apple’s Leopard Secret

The ZFS (Zettabyte File System) file system, designed by Sun for its Solaris OS but licensed as open source, is a 128-bit file storage system, incorporating, among other things, “container or pool-based storage”, which means that users only have to connect additional drives to add more storage capacity without worrying about typical issues such as volumes or partitions.

During the presentation focused on the new Sun servers, Schwartz stated that, “[ZFS] it eliminates volume management, they have extremely high performance … it allows drives to fail. “

Apple’s operating system currently uses the HFS + (Hierarchical File System Plus) file system, a 1998 extension made over the 1985 HFS system. ZFS has been mentioned by several people as the possible replacement for HFS +, immediately after the Apple CEO Steve Jobs will showcase the Time Machine feature, which is the backup capability that will make its appearance in Leopard.

However, despite the statements made by Schwartz about the ZFS, bloggers seem somewhat skeptical about the fact that it can be implemented in Leopard. Other Sun employees, however, claim that ZFS will be the default file system used.

A Sun spokeswoman would not confirm or deny that ZFS would be Mac OS X 10.5’s default file system. “I can’t tell you anything more than what Jonathan [Schwartz] said today, “she said.

A consulted Sun spokesperson cannot confirm or deny the fact that the ZFS file system is the default file system used on Mac OS X 10.5: “I can’t say any more than what Jonathan has already said. [Schwartz]”.

Apple does not comment on unannounced products or product features.