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STMicroelectronics Introduces 650V High Frequency IGBT Series …

The first member of a new 650V IGBT series, a 40A device that features a protection diode, was announced.

Members of the new STMicroelectronics series feature typical VCE (sat) of 1.55 V @ IC = 40 A and are targeted at applications such as PFC (Power Factor Correction), welding, uninterruptible power supplies, and solar inverters.

Members of the IGBT 650 V HB2 series are based on a field stop trench structure. They are optimized for applications working at a switching frequency between 16 and 60 kHz. The performance of the HB2 series is optimized in terms of conduction, thanks to better VCEsat behavior at low current values, as well as in terms of reduced switching energy.

The IGBT 650 V HB2 series is part of STMicro’s STPOWER portfolio. According to STMicro, its reduced gate loading allows for quick switching at low gate current. Exceptional thermal performance helps maximize reliability and power density,

The first available member of the family is the 40A STGWA40HP65FB2, detailed below.

Image from STMicroelectronics

Future members of the HB2 series will offer three different diode options: Protection Diode, Medium Rating Diode, and Full Rating Diode. IC current capacities range from 15A to 100A. You will eventually be able to navigate the familiar page in your product selection, although there is only one entry for now.


The pioneering entry to the 650V device family, available now, is the 40A STGWA40HP65FB2. It uses a diode that is used for protection purposes only, which is packed antiparallel with the IGBT. The result is a product designed to maximize efficiency for a wide range of fast applications.

The device features a minimized tail current, low thermal resistance, and a positive VCEsat temperature coefficient.

Electrical highs

Here are some important electrical parameters that will be of critical concern to designers:

Table taken from the technical data sheet.

Circuit diagram taken from datasheet

The device complies with the important AEC-Q101 standard. It is available in a TO-247 long cable bundle.

IGBT + protection diode = a winning combination

The idea of ​​an IGBT packed with a protection diode may be succeeding. The two manufacturers listed below pack them similarly to how ST does, but with a twist: a SiC Schottky diode.

  • Powerex’s QID1210006 is a module containing two IGBTs with each transistor having an ultrafast fast recovery freewheel Schottky diode reversely connected. The device can handle up to 100 A at 1200 V.
  • The recently announced AFGHL50T65SQDC, offered by ON Semiconductor, features a silicon-based IGBT packaged with a SiC Schottky barrier diode. This unit is rated at 650V and can handle continuous currents up to 100A at 25 ° C.