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Spotify vs Apple Music vs JioSaavn vs Gaana vs Google Music: …

With the launch of Spotify in india, the music streaming industry in the country sees another worthy competitor enter the fray. Already with the likes of Apple Music, Gaana, Amazon Music, Wynk, and more, the streaming space has become quite crowded, and with the merger of Jio and Saavn forming JioSaavn, the Indian public has a lot of options to choose from.

Spotify It holds the title of the most subscribed music streaming platform in the world, beating out industry heavyweights like Apple, Google, Gaana and JioSaavn. The main attraction of Spotify it’s its ease of use, its sleek user interface, and a large list of curated playlists. License issues apart, Spotify It boasts of a massive music collection, which was more than 40 million in 2018, although the company has declined to give an official number.

However, in a market as diverse as India, Spotify You will find it difficult to serve everyone in a country as diverse as India. Apps like Gaana and JioSaavn offer music in more than 15 languages, while Spotify is behind with only content in 7 languages.

A place where Spotify It has done well is the pricing. Spotify It has offered daily, monthly and yearly packages starting from Rs 13, Rs 119 (Rs 129 after the third month) and Rs 1.1189 respectively. There is also a 50% student discount available in the monthly subscription package.

These prices are ridiculous compared to what Spotify charges in the US, which is $ 10 + tax for a month (roughly Rs 800). In India, we see that almost all competitors are offering roughly the same price with Gaana and JioSaavn offering the lowest monthly rates of Rs 99.

Yes or no Spotify It is a success, it is something we will see in the long run, but for now, here is a comparison table that faces Spotify Against their counterparts in the Indian market.

Streaming service Spotify Google Music JioSaavn Amazon Music Gaana Apple Music
Subscriber Account 207 million (paid 97 million) 50 million 100 million 100 million 80 million 56 million
Prices Rs 13 for 1 day; Rs 119 for 1 month; Rs 1,189 for 1 year Rs 99 for 1 month Rs 5 for 1 day; Rs 99 for 1 month; Rs 999 for 1 year Rs 999 for 1 year (included with Prime) Rs 99 for 1 month; Rs 999 for 1 year Rs 120 for 1 month
Family plan No Rs 190 (up to 6 people) No No Rs 499 (up to 5 people) Rs 190 (up to 6 people)
Free Features Hear all tracks with announcements after every 6th song Listen to curated playlists, upload your own music Listen to tracks with announcements, song lyrics. No Listen to tracks with announcements, song lyrics. No
Payment features Unlimited ad-free tracks, unlimited skips, full range of curated playlists, offline song downloads, HD audio Unlimited Tracks without Ads, Full Range of Selected Playlists, Music from YouTube, Unlimited Radio, Download Songs Offline Unlimited songs without ads, download songs offline, HD audio Unlimited songs without ads, download songs offline, HD audio Unlimited songs without ads, download songs offline, HD audio Unlimited songs without ads, download songs offline, HD audio
Max devices 5 10 TBC TBC 5 6
Offline downloads 10,000 50,000 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Music collection 40 million 40 million 45 millions 40 million 45 millions 50 million
Android / iOS / desktop app Yes Yes (There is no official desktop app) Yes Yes Yes Yes (via iTunes on desktop)
Maximum transmission speed 320 kbps (mp3, Premium); 96 kbps (free, mobile); 160 kbps (Free, PC) 320 kbps (AAC, all) 320 kbps (NA, Premium); 160 kbps (Free) 320 kbps (NA) 320 kbps (NA, Premium); 160 kbps (Free) 256 kbps (AAC)
Free trial period 30 days 30 days 90 days No 30 days 90 days
Podcast support Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Languages 7 N / A fifteen 10 twenty-one N / A

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