Spotify is updated!  my experience of use

Spotify is updated! my experience of use

At the end of April, the Spotify Android app received a major update and I did not want to miss the opportunity to share my experience of using this magnificent application.

For starters, Spotify for those who do not know, is a free or subscription music streaming service, which It has a huge catalog of music of all genres that you can think of (and that do not occur to you too) freely available.

listen to your music

listen to your music

Some of the characteristics of Spotify that make it stand out from similar services (such as Google play music, deezer, Jango, groove shark, to name a few), is that it has a very strong social network component that makes the music experience much more enriching. Among the main characteristics we have:

  • Build your own playlists with your favorite music.
  • Follow your favorite artists and in this way not only listen to their music, but you are notified when new music from them arrives on Spotify.
  • Listen to the playlists of your friends or the artists you follow (find out what music your idols listen to, you can’t imagine what tastes some have!).
  • Let Spotify create a “radio” station with the music that you like and that you might like, you can give it feedback on what you do not like so that it better suits your tastes.
  • Offline playback of your favorite music.

The free version for mobile phones has the limitation that you can only listen to music in random mode (restriction that does not exist when accessing from the Spotify website or from the free version for tablets) also if you are a free user, from time to time an audio advertisement is placed on you (of course, they have to live for something).

I have liked this music service so much that I practically no longer have music files on my cell phone, but I listen to everything from the App.

  • To get the best out of it, you must have a data plan with your operator, however monitor the data consumption of this App that despite not being very large, could take a good chunk of your data quota.
  • You can adjust the audio quality in the App, to reduce data consumption whenever you are not connected to a WIFI network.
  • The paid version has a monthly subscription, so get your pocket ready because you have to pay each month.

I hope we have similar tastes, here is the music I have added to some personal playlists, I hope you like them.

Music in SpanishMusic in EnglishChristian music

Here I leave the Link of the APP for Android and for Ios

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Spotify - Musik und Playlists

Spotify - Musik und Playlists