Maria Montero

Spotify gets Siri support in iOS 13, comes to Apple …

In a long-awaited move, Spotify announced this morning that its iOS 13 app would now offer support for Siri and its music streaming service would also be available on Apple TV. That means you can now request your favorite music or podcasts using Siri. voice commands, referencing the command with “Hello Siri, play …” followed by the audio you want and ending the command with “On Spotify”.

Siri support had previously been spotted during beta testing, but the company had not confirmed when it would be publicly available.

According to Spotify, Siri support will also work on Apple AirPods, CarPlay, and via AirPlay on Apple HomePod.

Additionally, the update to the Spotify app for iOS will include support for the iPhone’s new data-saving mode, which helps when bandwidth is an issue.

Spotify will also launch on Apple TV today, joining other Spotify apps for TV platforms, including Roku, Android TV, Samsung Tizen, and Amazon Fire TV.

The app updates are still rolling out, so you may have to wait to take advantage of Apple TV support and other new features.

Siri’s lack of support for Spotify wasn’t the fault of the music streaming service – it wasn’t until iOS 13 that such support became an option. With the new mobile operating system released in September, Apple finally opened up its SiriKit framework to third-party apps, allowing end users to better control their apps using voice commands. That includes playing audio on music services like Spotify, as well as the ability to like and dislike tracks, skip or skip to the next song, and get track information.

Pandora, Google Maps, and Waze were among the early adopters of Siri integration when it became available in iOS 13, a clear indication that some of Apple’s main rivals have been ready and willing to roll out Siri support as soon as possible. possible.

While the Siri integration will be helpful to end users and beneficial to Spotify’s business, it can also weaken the streaming company’s antitrust claims against Apple.

Spotify has long stated that Apple engages in anti-competitive business practices when it comes to its app platform, which is designed to favor its own apps and services, like Apple Music, it says. Among its main complaints was the inability of third-party applications to work with Siri, which gave Apple’s own applications a prime position. Spotify also strongly believes that the 30% revenue share required by the App Store hampers its growth potential.

The streamer filed an antitrust complaint against Apple in the European Union in March. And now, American lawmakers have reached out to Spotify to request information as part of an antitrust investigation here in the states, the reports claim.

Despite its newer ability to integrate with Siri in iOS 13, Spotify could argue that it is still not enough. Users will have to say “on Spotify” to take advantage of the new functionality, instead of being able to set their default music app on Spotify, which would be easier. You might also point out that support is only available for iOS 13 devices, not the entire iOS market.

Along with Apple-related news, Spotify also announced today support for Google Nest Home Max, Sonos Move, Sonos One SL, Samsung Galaxy Fold, and pre-installation on Michael Kors Acess, Diesel, and Emporio Armani Wear OS smartwatches.