Sony How to locate a lost or stolen Sony Xperia Whenever we talk about Android mobile devices, we usually say that ...

Sony How to locate a lost or stolen Sony Xperia Whenever we talk about Android mobile devices, we usually say that …

Whenever we talk about Android mobile devices, we usually say that some of the companies that sell the most terminals within this operating system are Samsung, LG or Sony, and precisely in this article we wanted to stop completely at the last of them three. Is that Among all the famous terminals of the Japanese, we can say that those belonging to the Sony Xperia family are the most recognized, so we will show you another one of those perfect tutorials for you to make the most of them.

To do this, we will take a situation that, although not very pleasant, can happen to anyone, and that is that we lose our Sony Xperia, or worse still, that it is stolen. It is very likely that in such a case you are very interested in the possibility of trying to recover it, and The first thing to get it back will be to be able to locate it, so we will try to provide you with all the relevant information in this regard. You should consider, in the same way, that it is a tutorial that works for most Sony Xperia.

Before that, and as we know that many of our followers will probably ask us about it, we must say that if you want to know for which terminals this tutorial works, so far it has been tested without problems in all the following, so do not rule them out: Sony Tablet P and S, Sony Xperia A, A2, A4, Acro, Arc, AX, C, C3, C4, C5, E, E1, E3, E4, Go, GX, Ion, J, J1, L, M, M2, M4, M5, Miro, Neo, Neo L, NX, P, Pro, Xperia Play, Ray, S, SL, Sola, SP, SX, T, T2, T3, Type, TX, U, UL, V, VL, X8, X10, X, XA, Z, Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, ZL, ZL2, ZR and Xperia Tablet Z.


This is how you can locate a lost or stolen Sony Xperia

As we said before, although we are talking about a tutorial that works on many of the current Sony Xperia devices, we cannot lose sight in any case that it does not work on other Android terminals, and that for them you will have to look for much more specific solutions. Returning to the Sony Xperia, we have to highlight that the necessary tool is downloaded directly from the Sony Update Center, although it may not yet have reached some very particular countries.

We then go to Settings, About the phone, Software update, New applications, My Xperia, and we will see that among the different options, there is one with an installation icon. Click on it, and we will quickly see that after the installation this icon appears on the Sony device. Once it has been downloaded and installed, we must activate the new function, and to do so we have to go to Settings, Xperia, My Xperia and Activate, something that you should be able to develop without problems.

Once we have this essential application active, the next step will be to go to My Xperia on the web, where we can reach through this link, although in reality we can also be sent from any search engine, so do not have any doubts about looking for this platform in Google. When you enter there you must log in to Google with your account which is the same as you have identifying the smartphone. There we will be shown some instructions on the screen, which will allow the activation of My Xperia on our mobile quickly.

The interesting thing about this function or tool that we have taught you is that will allow us to lock the device permanently with a four-digit PIN code that only we know, and it is even possible to delete all files from your device remotely from the Delete option. It is a mechanism similar to that found in many recent iPhone devices, and that is why it is appreciated that some Android manufacturers also work against the resale of lost or stolen mobiles.

Have you been able to locate your Sony Xperia with this trick?