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Sonimagfoto 2007 starts

In addition, during the five days that the fair lasts, master classes on advertising, fashion and social reporting will be given at the Sonimagfoto Set, while the Adobe Digital Classroom will give 31 theoretical-practical sessions on new image treatment and post-production techniques.

Conferences, exhibitions and documentary projections complete the activities for the fair visitor.

Demonstration areas where the visitor can see for himself the characteristics of the equipment are the main focus of the manufacturers’ stands.

Olympus and Panasonic offer demonstrations of their camera stabilizers. The first with a vibrating platform that the photographer can climb, camera in hand, to check the stabilization integrated into the body of their SLR models. The second with smaller platforms in which two compact models photograph a moving Ferris wheel. Panasonic also prominently displays the face recognition and automatic scene selection system of its DMC-FZ18.

Sony highlights its most recent models, such as the T200 with smile detection, or the H3 with 10x zoom and FullHD output, a format that they are going to bet heavily on. In reflex photography, the star is the A700, a model that complements the A100 and is one notch above. The HDMI output and the integrated stabilizer stand out. Sony currently has 24 lenses for its Alpha range, and they expect to reach 40 within a year and a half. David Hurtado, head of digital photography at Sony, also announced that new SLR models will be launched after Christmas, including the one that will replace the A100.

The stars of the Canon and Nikon stands are their latest SLRDs, the EOS 40D and 1Ds MIII and the D300 and D3 respectively. Both manufacturers have models available for testing and demonstration.