Sintonizar canales en Samsung Smart TV

Smart TV Tutorials Tune Channels on Samsung Smart TV Today’s tutorial we are going to dedicate to how …

Today’s tutorial we are going to dedicate to how to tune channels on Samsung Smart TV, as they are currently among the best-selling devices on the market.

Smart TVs or smart televisions will begin to arrive in our homes about five years ago and today they are the most common. However, as it is a new technology it is possible that we still have some problems with it due to not knowing it well.

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Here is how to tune channels on Samsung Smart TV, although some models may experiment slight variations in this process, the method is very similar in all of them.

Add channels on Samsung Smart TV manually

The usual thing is to resort to automatic tuning, but if we cannot find the channels we are looking for through that way or there has been some kind of problem, we can resort to manual tuning of the television.

  • We select Menu> Channel> Manual setting
  • We choose between digital or analog channels
  • The channel list that are currently tuned into the TV
  • Click on New to tune in a new channel
  • A appears window with the new channel
  • We select if we want enter it or see its frequency
  • We introduce the desired channel or its frequency and click on Search
  • The television the search begins channels
  • If there is sufficient signal, the Smart TV will save the channels found on the indicated frequency
  • If there is no signal on that frequency, it will indicate a 0% signal quality or one Low signal if the signal is too weak

Tune Channels on Samsung Smart TV

Tune channels on Samsung Smart TV automatically

The automatic channel tuning process is the simplest. For this we will Menu, we select the channel and in we select automatic tuning. The TV will automatically search for the channels that are available.

Tuning problems

If we have tuning problems that are not related to reception (the antenna) what we can do is update firmware.

Delete channels

It may happen that we have tuned into television channels that we are not interested in having on our device, to delete channels on Samsung Smart TV what we have to do is:

  • Go to Menu> Channel> Channel List
  • Click to select added channels
  • We select “all channels”
  • We indicate the channel that we want to delete, press Enter and Tools
  • We press Enter again to delete
  • Click on Exit

For delete all available and stored channels We can do it through Menu> Channel> Delete Channels.

Tune Channels on Samsung Smart TV

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