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See Eye 2 Eye: device to improve video conferencing

The See Eye 2 Eye has been designed so that while video chatting with the help of a webcam, users do not have to look at the part of the screen where the other party’s video window is located, Instead, stare at your own webcam.

This accessory reflects the image of the other interlocutor in the part where the own webcam is placed and serves to allow users to look at each other’s face, at all times, while the video chat is taking place.

See Eye 2 Eye is now available in two versions: the one designed to be used with external webcams (including iSight) and one specially designed for laptops, to be used with the cameras built into these types of computers (such as those on MacBook and MacBook Pro). The price of this accessory is $ 99.

Web: www.bodelin.com/se2e.