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SanDisk Launches Its 64GB Solid State Drives

Compared to conventional hard drives still found in most notebook computers, SanDisk SSDs offer a number of significant advantages for computer manufacturers and their customers.

Duration and reliability. SanDisk SSDs provide two million hours of Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), which is approximately six times longer than a laptop’s hard drive. With no moving parts, SanDisk SSDs are much less likely to fail if the computer falls to the ground or is exposed to extreme temperatures.

High performance. Since there are no moving parts, SSDs with flash technology go to work almost immediately to achieve much higher access speeds than a conventional hard drive.

Low energy consumption. Compared to a typical hard drive, which consumes 1.9 W during active operation, SanDisk SSDs consume 1.0 W (0.5 W for 1.8 “) while active and only 0, 4 W (0.2 W for 1.8 “) when idle.

SanDisk SSD products are already available to manufacturers. The company plans to offer 64GB engineering samples during the third quarter, with mass production scheduled to begin before the end of the year.

web www.sandisk.com/ssd.