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SanDisk and Yahoo have a new “iPod killer”

The player is called the SanDisk Sansa Connect and has a 2.2-inch color LCD screen and weighs 431 grams, making it heavier and smaller in screen than an 80GB iPod. Inside it has an 8 GB flash memory, the same as the higher capacity iPod nano, but in the case of the Sansa Connect its capacity can be expanded using microSD memory cards.

Thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity, it allows its users to have access to Yahoo services (both paid and free), including Launchcast Internet radio, Flickr image gallery and watch the music listen to other Yahoo Messenger users . Plays MP3 and WMA files (both DRM-protected and non-DRM protected)

Allows direct music download from Yahoo Music Unlimited To Go without using a computer. Users can see recommendations from friends and other owners of the same device, but cannot cast music to each other. The SanDisk recommended price for this player is $ 250 and is already on sale in the United States.