Samsung This is how you can unlock Samsung Pocket A mobile phone that is already old, enough I would say ...

Samsung This is how you can unlock Samsung Pocket A mobile phone that is already old, enough I would say …

A mobile phone that has its years, I would say enough in the market is the Samsung Pocket. An ultra low-end device we could say, which is not really too good to say for almost nothing, for the only purpose the device is for social networks, WhatsApp, calls and little more than that. However, taking into account the price that it was driving, not exactly a few users decided to get one.

And obviously when you put a security class on the device to protect your data either by pattern, PIN or password, you are risking that one day for some horrible reason in life you will forget it, that’s when the problems begin and when you have to see the way unlock your Samsung PocketLuckily we are going to teach you how to do it.

Unlock Samsung Pocket

The simplest and above all faster method of unlocking a mobile device, any one that is actually locked by pattern, password, PIN, fingerprint, etc. It is evidently doing a Hard Reset that would be a factory reset, like a format in Windows without going any further.

The issue is that, as you may be imagining, there is a small problem and that is that this leaves the mobile as factory, obviously being factory has no pattern so it is unlocked, but in turn the applications that you had downloaded are lost , personal data, contacts, etc. Although it is the most effective and fastest method, it has its downside.

How to delete Samsung Pocket pattern

First of all, you have to turn off the mobile.

Once off you must press and hold the volume up + home + power keys for several seconds and once the Samsung logo appears you must release them.

Now let’s see the Android recovery screen, is the one that interests us.

You have to use the volume buttons up and down to be able to navigate in this menu, you will find where it says “Wipe cache / Factory reset”And select that option now with the power button.

The formatting process begins and the only thing you will have to do is wait, once finished simply go to where it says “Reboot System Now“To restart the mobile and now, as you will see, you will be able to access it without any kind of problems, there is no more pattern or any kind of security method.