Samsung Methods to remove safe mode on Samsung Galaxy An important feature of new Android devices is that when ...

Samsung Methods to remove safe mode on Samsung Galaxy An important feature of new Android devices is that when …

An important function of new devices Android is that when the operating system fails, is damaged or some application does not allow it to work properly, these enter into Safe Mode. Although this is a positive thing, it also complicates its operation when it comes to handling the mobile and opening an application, since for safety it enters this mode, however, here we will see how remove safe mode on Samsung.

Remove safe mode on Samsung It is something that can be very easy for users who have some experience in the subject, but on the other hand for other users it is somewhat more complicated, you could even say that very few people know exactly what it means when and why the mobile is in Safe Mode.

Remove Safe Mode on Samsung

You must bear in mind that safe mode is activated when a serious error occurs with the operating system or some application, or simply because some system function does not work correctly causing it to suffer execution errors.

A recommendation before performing any of these procedures is make a backup of your files, so that you can count on a backup in case an important file has been deleted after any of these procedures.

Methods to remove safe mode on Samsung

1.- Reboot device

This is a very simple and effective process, In the notification panel you will be able to notice when the device is in Safe Mode, so if this happens what you should do is restart your phone.

If when you restart the mobile it starts again in Safe Mode, so you must make a combination of buttons, these are Volume + and the power button, this way it will restart by disabling safe mode.

2.- Delete some apps

Perhaps an application is the main reason why the device starts in Safe Mode, so that uninstalling the apps is a good way to correct this problem and thus the mobile works correctly.

To do so you just have to go to the menu Settings -> Applications and click on each application you want to uninstall, then on the button Uninstall and repeat the procedure with each one of them.

3.- Factory reset

Resetting the device is one of the fastest and safest solutions, in other words, it is a definitive solution to this kind of problem. This is because we will be sure that all installed applications have been eliminated, as well as any configuration that is generating problems in the operating system of Android, deleting each of the files and leaving the phone as we started it for the first time. As we said before, before doing this it would be advisable back up your files.

This is all you need to know to remove safe mode on SamsungAs you will see, it is something very simple that any user can do, just follow the steps as indicated and you will not have any problem.