Samsung How to Turn On Samsung's Capacitive Buttons in a Very Simple WayThe famous buttons that Samsung devices have on the ...

Samsung How to Turn On Samsung’s Capacitive Buttons in a Very Simple WayThe famous buttons that Samsung devices have on the …

The famous buttons that Samsung devices have on the bottom are known as capacitive buttonsObviously they are extremely useful for when we are in places with poor lighting so that we can see exactly where they are and press in the right place, although many times we do it directly by inertia without even seeing what we press, or not?

Turn on Samsung capacitive buttons

On some mobile devices mostly low or mid-range in many times they do not light the sameIn many cases it is due to a bad configuration of the mobile device, it is just what we are going to talk about below, precisely how to configure the mobile so that you can turn on the lower buttons of your Samsung.

Keep in mind that you should not have the power saving mode nor ultra power saving mode Because it is clear that if you have it activated there is no way that those buttons will light up, since the idea is to save energy precisely and they spend, it is logical. The issue is that if we deactivate any of these modes we can possibly see how those buttons light up.

Turn on lower buttons Samsung Galaxy

There are precisely few mobile phone models that have had problems with the lower buttons, popular models such as the Samsung Galaxy J1, Samsung J2, J3, J5, Samsung J7. Even high-end mobile phones like Samsung S6 or Samsung S7 They also experience these problems, but as you will see, it is not really a problem that is too complicated to solve and the only thing you have to keep in mind is that no kind of energy saving is activated because it is the first thing that is deactivated, the lighting of those buttons.

It is normal that it is one of the first things that is deactivated since in themselves they are not extremely necessary and only serve in very specific situations, even in the dark at least I personally never had any kind of problem with pressing these buttons without having light in them and being in low light situations.

Personally, it seems like a waste of energy, battery without any kind of sense, but since each person is a world, perhaps for you they are essential to be able to control 100% your mobile device, in any case, you know why they don’t turn on.