Instalar TWRP Samsug

Samsung How to install Recovery TWRP on a Samsung device In the past, if you have been reading our articles, you will have seen …

In the past, if you have been reading our articles, You will have seen that we have made two articles that we could consider essential when it comes to installing Recovery TWRP, considering indeed that this application is very useful. We are talking about those articles in which we specifically teach how to install TWRP on the HTC 10 or how to install TWRP on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The truth is that we know that users of other devices will continue to wonder about it.

What happens is that users of other mobile devices of the Korean firm have some doubts regarding the operation or installation of Recovery TWRP, and that is why in this particular case we wanted to talk about what corresponds to all these terminals. As we have been saying, this tutorial related to the installation of Recovery TWRP, indicates that it is valid only for Samsung mobile devices, so if you have another, it is convenient that you leave us a specific comment so that we can give you a hand.

If you are then a user of a Samsung device and you find yourself trying to install Recovery TWRP on your device with Odin software, you have to know that the step by step of this article will be especially useful. The truth is that Recovery TWRP is a program that is responsible for carrying out all kinds of content recovery, in such a way that it really solves our lives in many situations. Recovery TWRP is also a completely universal method, so you should not stop taking it into account.

Install TWRP Samsug

Perform Recovery on Android with TWRP

The first thing we have to mention in this article has to do directly with Odin, about which we must say that it is a tool that in a way is based on Windows, the most famous operating system for computers in the world. Otherwise, Recovery TWRP is a ROM tool that can be run on many Android devices. In this case, we are going to talk about the operation of Recovery TWRP for all Samsung equipment that may well be useful.

Indeed, in this article we want to teach you how to carry out a TWRP Recovery or recovery through this program on your Samsung device, and although the process is similar on all computers, here we will only take into account the menu of the Korean firm’s computers . Of course, you must meet some requirements, among which are that the mobile has at least 80% of the charge, without forgetting that it will be necessary to download and install Samsung USB Drivers on the computer, as well as the Odin software.

After doing so, we download the Recovery TWRP tool from this link, and you will have to follow the following steps to start taking advantage of the possibilities of this system. The first thing will be to be complying with all the minimum requirements that are part of the system. In the second instance, you will have to run the Odin software on your computer. We will also have to make sure that we have downloaded Flashable Odin .tar. The next step is to go to the phone settings, and enable USB and OEM debugging.

We ignore the warning screen, and instead have to press the volume up key. At that moment we connect the mobile to the computer, and Odin should detect it automatically, reporting that it has been Added, using this same word. Then we click on “AP” and select “Recovery.tar TWRP”. Later we click on Start, and the task will be practically complete. Finally, in effect, we will complete the process with a manual restart if it is not produced automatically.

Have you been able to install Recovery TWRP on your Samsung mobile?