Samsung How to Format a Samsung Core 2?  Quick and easy By now we all know very well that the shape ...

Samsung How to Format a Samsung Core 2? Quick and easy By now we all know very well that the shape …

By now we all know very well that the way most mobile devices work is practically the same as that of any computer. They are quite impressive devices with which even many people constantly work. That is why it is normal that in turn it is necessary to do maintenance so that they are in optimal conditions, today we are going to show you exactly how you should format Samsung Core 2 or factory reset the same, something that every so often is necessary to do.

Factory reset Samsung Core 2

This device is of very good quality, although it is clear that despite that it can always start to work somewhat slowly over time, it is normal because one is installing applications among other things and, therefore, you end up putting too many things on the mobile, at some point it will end up running slow, and we must also bear in mind that it is not a high-end mobile either, so you have to be much more careful in that regard.

It is necessary to do a factory reset from time to time to be able to leave the mobile as new. What he does factory reset or hard reset It is basically to return the mobile as if you had just bought it, completely from the factory. This means that you will have to make a backup of all your personal data, your photos, etc. In order to avoid losing absolutely anything of your personal data.

Hard Reset Samsung Core 2

To make a Hard reset first of all it is necessary to turn off the mobile completely. Once off what we are going to do is press and hold the volume up + home + power buttons all at once for a few secondsOnce the mobile turns on, we release the buttons and we will see a menu with several options.

The one that interests us is actually the one that says “Wipe Data / Factory Reset“We select that with the volume keys and confirm with the power key, we wait for the process to finish and once finished we simply go to where it says”Reboot System Now”.

Now you wait for it to finish restarting the mobile and it will probably take a little longer than normal at first, but then it will restart normally. Once started we configure everything as if we just acquired the mobile and you will see that everything works wonderfully. You can even learn to root it if you think it’s necessary.